Next JJC Meeting: February 28th at noon at the Iroquois County Courthouse.

6 out of 10 teens in Iroquois County say their parents have talked with them about alcohol in the past year. Talking Improved Parenting.
Together we can tip the scale to stop underage drinking by... Talking. Talking improves parenting. It's never too early to start the conversation between parents and teens about underage drinking.  Improving knowledge. Learn the facts. Underage drinking is unacceptable, as alcohol is harmful to a teenager's body and can damage a developing brain. Parenting. Don't Provide. It is illegal to provide alcohol to teens and it is illegal for teens to drink. This campaign is supported by the Strategic Prevention Framework-Partnerships for Success Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance No. 93.243 funded by the Substance abuse and Mental health services Administration through a gran administered by the Illinois Department of Human Services.